Alu and Lila turned 2 . . . [Bantayan Island]

We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary last June 17, 2012 at Bantayan Island. We have been planning this since, forever. (hahahaha)
We woke up at 6:00 in the morning and went directly to North Bus Terminal. Rode an air-conditioned bus, around 6:30, going to Hagnaya Port which cost us 150 pesos each, but if you’re a student then it’ll just cost you 130 pesos which is great. It took us approximately 3 hours to reach our destination.
 On the way we saw the awesome scenery north part of Cebu. I was kinda anxious because this was our first time riding a bus going to a place we barely know, good thing my boyfriend was there to keep me calm. We arrived at Hagnaya Port at exactly 10:00 and bought ticket for the Ferry Boat (170 pesos for Regular and 180 for the air-conditioned room).
I send a text message to the resort’s driver that we will be arriving in Bantayan 11:30 so that he’d pick us up around that time. By the way, we made a reservation in Kota Beach Resort two days before. When we got there, kuya Dodong was there waiting for us bringing his signage saying Kota Beach [hahahaha].
 We were welcomed by the shimmering white sand and the crystal sea of Bantayan Island. It was just like the time stopped in front of us and feels like all our problems and stress just went away [such a drama queen!].
Kuya Dodong introduced us to a guy where we can rent a motorcycle, 350/day which was a good deal since we will be staying there just for 24 hours anyway. We checked in immediately, went to our room, got everything in place and went out to have a tour in that wonderful island. But before that we looked for a restaurant or a grill house where we can dig in, it was already 12 in the afternoon. We found an eatery there, we ate pork belly and chorizo with rice and soda which only cost us 160 pesos. Very cheap right?.
We then started out journey… lol! We went to Bantayan Island Proper, on our way we passed by their mini airport, little factories, trees, and lots of trees.


It was really nice coz the air was fresh. It was just like going to a province that was not really that civilized yet. There were no malls or even any fast food. So we just bought bread at Julie’s Bakeshop and mineral water and went back to the resort. What’s so great in Bantayan is that there was no traffic, seems like you own the road and my gosh, you don’t need any helmets.


We ate dinner at their larsians kinda like eatery, it was a little bit romantic because they were using old school alcohol lamp, or shall we say “gas lamp”, LOL!And for dinner we spend around 150 pesos.

We went back to the resort. On our way we bought tanduay ice and some chips, we planned on staying by the beach and watch the starry night. It was an epic fail since the weather that time was bad, so it was cloudy and the clouds covered the sky. It was very windy by the beach which would made you cuddle with your hubby.
We woke up early the next day, it was our anniversary weeee! We went to the resort’s restaurant to eat breakfast. We both ordered there continental breakfast which was 180 pesos.
After that we went to the beach to swim. My geddd!!! the wind was so strong feels like I was going to fly,but that did not stop us in enjoying our day.

After being so vain, taking pictures while frolicking by the beach we went back to our room and got everything ready. We still had time so went back to Bantayan proper and wandered around the island.


It was such a bummer we’d be leaving so soon. Alu was totally enjoying everything, from the beach to riding the motorcycle. We wouldn’t be able to do this in the city.

CIMG0278 CIMG0279

Kuya Dodong drove us to the port by 1:00 pm and arrived at Cebu around 3:00 pm.

It was an awesome journey.

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