SUMMER in DECEMBER . . . [San Remegio]


Okay, so here in the Philippines, even though it’s not summer we still LOVE going to the beach. Hang out with friends, do some grillin’ and of course don’t forget the booze!

We went to SAN REMEGIO over the weekend. We didn’t really planned this well but it happened. I was with my colleagues and of course my boyfriend. I don’t like to travel without him. ^^

521386_4575791630264_1598698420_nWe met up at the North Bus Terminal around 7:00 a.m. and waited there for the others to arrive. Some of my friends were still haggard-looking from all their partying last night. When we were all present, we then took a bus going to San Remegio.


It’s a 2 1/2 hour ride going there. So ready yourself with a lot of things to do while you’re in the bus. I was just listening to music and sleeping the whole way beside my boyfriend.


When we got there we stayed at San Remegio Cultural Center/Pension House. It was cheaper and we were staying just for a night so it was worth it. We arrived there around 10:00 and we got really hungry. So we rode a tricycle going to there market area. We ate first at a carenderia then we bought raw meat and spices for us to cook for dinner.


We started preparing for food around 3:00 late afternoon. We have to fire up the charcoals because we were going to grill the pork and fishes we bought. Then later on we started cooking rice also used charcoal in cooking the rice. You don’t need to worry about the drinks or if you don’t want to cook because there is a mini store inside the cultural center and they have a kitchen wherein you can ask them to cook for you. But we wanted to the cooking, it’s more fun this way and we get to bond. RACH!


While waiting for the sunset we enjoyed swimming and giggling under the sea. Making fun of how flat our chests were and where we bought our bikinis. What? we’re all girls there except for my boyfriend and my friend’s boyfriend.


Dinner was ready and we were all hungry, so we were ready to dig in. We had grilled pork bellies and milk fish. Very delicious. The upper part of the rice was undercooked though but what the heck it was still food. After eating we then were drinking and chatting and just enjoying the night. My other friend has some relatives there so she invited her cousins and his friends to do some drinking sessions with us. We enjoyed our night there. The stars were bright and shiny and I was with awesome companions.

The next day, me an my boyfriend woke up early and got really . So we went down and ask the mini store outside if they serve breakfast, and thank God they do. We had the “CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST” sounds sassy right. It’s just your ordinary breakfast, rice and corn beef.While waiting for our food, we took some pictures of ourselves.





Bon Appétit!


Eventually the others woke up and ate their breakfast too.


My boyfriend and I took a quick swim before getting ready to pack up and go back to the city.


We are ready!!155965_4541485852641_30738665_n

Now, an outing will never be an outing if there is no FAMILY PICTURE!


While waiting for a bus going back to Cebu…

530464_4541556414405_1435510097_n63175_4541556454406_1828692294_n385087_4541559694487_252422502_n66756_4541551374279_278439563_n 543887_4541552254301_640496322_n

On the bus…

382017_4541568414705_232887680_n 392079_4541574494857_242388138_n 380342_4541566174649_11317202_n68171_4541565094622_1049921056_n

Don’t forget to buy San Remegio’s delicacies..



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