Social Climber gone CLEPTO!

Social climbers. Faux-cialites. Posers. We all know one.

We even sometimes turn to social climbers maybe because we want to be known or to be fashionable and be in. But it shouldn’t get to the point where you steal things that is not yours.

I had a friend once and we became roomies, unexpectedly. We had to share a closet since there was only one that was already built in the pad. I rarely check my clothes since I totally trusted her, and I had too many clothes to remember every single one. We don’t talk that much since we have different work schedule. She would go out at night with friends and would not directly tell me that she used my bags or my jackets. She has my freakin number! Duh. She would ask her brother (which was my bf) to tell me that she used my stuff. I didn’t mind at first but eventually it pissed me off. Whenever I want to use this or that, I can’t because it was still in the laundry or she left it at her bf’s house and one time she even told me that she thought it was hers so she placed it on her side of the cabinet. Like WTF!

Then came a time where she unfriend me in Facebook and had no clue to why she would do that. So I was like whatevz, and because of the situation wherein she stopped talking to me and there was already a tension between us, I had to go back to my parents house. I started packing my things and I even found some of my undergarments in her laundry bag. OMG!!! You have got to be kidding me!!

The revelation: Me and the bf went to their home place for a vacation and it was where I found out she stole some of my clothes. The reason why she removed me from her friend list in Facebook was because she wore my clotheS (capitalized S because she stole a lot) and had pictorials wearing them. When we (me and the bf) found out where my missing clothes went he apologized in bf of his sister and told me “She stole your clothes maybe because she always branded herself as a “FASHIONISTA” and maybe could not afford to buy the kind of clothes that you have” . We just laughed and I totally pitied her. A few years after I heard she got clothes from one of my high school classmate worth 8,000 pesos and never paid them.

I don’t really know if being a social climber would lead to stealing things. I just hated the fact that some of the clothes she stole was still brand new. But there wasn’t anything I could do and I didn’t felt like wearing them again.

I do like a lot of things and most of them are branded but I would always tell myself that if its worth it. And I wouldn’t deny that I always find a way to earn a lot of followers on my social networking stuff, but I make sure what I post there are true and worked hard for it. Not borrowed or stolen.

So please stop pretending what you’re not. Stop posting stuff in your Instagram or Facebook or twitter that you have this and that when in fact you just effin stole them!


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