Credits to the owner of this photo

In every first month of each year Cebu would always celebrate SINULOG. We would celebrate it on the third Sunday in the month of January. This festivity pays tribute to the Filipino people’s pagan origin and acceptance of  Roman Catholicism.


Credits to the owner of this photo.


Credits to the owner of this photo.


Credits to the owner of this photo.

The main feature of this festivity is the very huge street parade with participants in really colorful and beautiful costumes that are dancing to the beat of the drums, trumpets and some would be native gongs. It is really fun and the streets would be crowded with tourists and actors on floats.


Credits to the owner of this photo.

The Sinulog Contest is always held in Cebu City Sports Complex. The contest features contingents from various parts here in the Philippines.  The festival has been promoted as a tourist attraction, that is why you would see a lot of tourist, and I mean a LOT!

The word Sinulog comes from the cebuano adverb sulog which roughly means “like water current movement;” it describes the forward-backward movement of the Sinulog dance. The dance consists of two steps forward and one step backward, done to the sound of drums. The dance is categorized into Sinulog-base, Free-Interpretation. Candle vendors at the Basilica continue to perform the traditional version of the dance when lighting a candle for the customer, usually accompanied by songs in the native language.

At night there would always be a firework show held in Ayala Center Cebu or in Crown Regency.

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We were eating while waiting for the fireworks. LOL269269_10200234727846537_1981054324_n 536919_10200234729646582_657485030_n 555433_10200234728206546_1259123950_n 734817_10200234744126944_45842452_n

After the fireworks, the drinking and dancing sessions begins.

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