Okay, so it is summer again. And summer means heat, sun, sand, blue water and bikinis!


Our next stop is PANGLAO!

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Panglao is located southwest of the island of Bohol and east of Cebu. Panglao Island is one the main tourist destinations on the Philippines, because of its white sand beaches. When you go there or book for a trip in Panglao, you could also inquire about a package tour. Most Panglao tour itenirary includes:

  • Dauis Church
  • Hinagdanan Cave
  • Ostrich Farm
  • Panglao Watch Tower
  • Shell Museum
  • Walk to Alona Beach or to any Resort in Panglao Island
  • Bohol Bee Farm

We didn’t have much time and money so we didn’t get the tour package. We just went to Bohol Bee Farm. We didn’t get to see bees though but my goodness their food is superb! Everything was organic, so its products are 100% natural. No preservatives. So it is truly a healthy choice, right?

9100_10200701593957898_2040565161_n1662_10200294210015327_668181847_n269364_10200701600638065_149978861_n32633_10200701590797819_1800089041_n 577584_10200701597517987_612657468_n 486178_10200701599078026_1584149395_n 526883_10200701921766093_151464964_n 7177_10200701816803469_1275167472_n

After eating there we then went to where we were going to stay for the night. We stayed at CocoMango’s Place.


This was a really nice place to stay in, it was already fully furnished and most of all it was very affordable. The owner was very kind and hospitable. She even let us borrow her truck for us to ride going to Alona Beach.



That little girl you see is Mango. She is one of the owner’s daughter, her sister, Coco, was in the other house that time so we weren’t able to meet her.

300098_10200702420458560_2119944918_n481937_10200702419458535_366315210_n 562606_10200702421738592_1928645917_n525194_10200345342333603_65393332_n 12382_10200345341253576_1008187835_n

tumblr_mo0hf1039n1qke5zlo2_1280 tumblr_mo0hf1039n1qke5zlo3_1280576814_10200291090417339_1867076093_n 484365_10200291090897351_979604151_ntumblr_mo0hf1039n1qke5zlo3_1280

Then of course the usual.. drinking session at night.

530001_10200707874194900_1357921149_n 526949_10200706833888893_436660684_n 408053_10200723573987385_1261467482_n 181027_10200707878795015_355351570_n 150411_10200723575947434_548365440_n 10777_10200723576227441_902945932_n 9404_10200707877154974_1635952200_n There were also fire dancer there.


The next day we went to Dumaluan Beach Resort to meet up with my friend’s other friends who lives in Bohol.

524102_10200702419058525_943623645_n 484027_10200724341726578_1809738867_n526873_10200345356613960_613485580_n

tumblr_mo0hwhpEyI1qke5zlo1_1280 tumblr_mo0hf1039n1qke5zlo1_1280tumblr_mo0gchtKwf1qke5zlo1_128064326_10200727104995658_1449631265_n 157093_10200291418145532_90179692_nThen off to the pier, we’re going back to CEBU! but before riding the boat, we have to stop over for some Bohol famous delicacies!



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