WRAP ME UP baby!

I saw this in tumblr and I really loved it.

Since the USB cord for my iPhone is really dirty, so why not wrap it instead of cleaning it everyday.

You would need:
  • Cord/Earphones or anything you want to wrap [lol]
  • Embroidery floss [the one that you use for cross stitching]
  • Glue (wasn’t able to take a picture)
  • Scissors


Make sure you know how to do the “Chinese Staircase Knot” as they call it. I know how to do it but have no idea what it was called, LOL.

Let’s start. First you need to do a simple knot where the cord starts


Hold the cord in one hand and the string in the other hand. Cross the string over and under the cord. (It might look something like a ‘4’ shape.)


Take the tail, or end, of the ‘4’ by putting your hand in the wide space of the ‘4’ and pull the tail. As you tie the knot, pull the cord in one hand vertically (downward), or parallel to your leg or the table. Pull the string with which you tied the knot horizontally, or perpendicular to your leg or the table. Pull tightly. Repeat until you get the desired length for this color.

IMG_3207Tie a simple knot around the cord AND tail of previous string. Just make sure though that you hold down the tails as you continue to do the knotting. At the end of your cord [sorry I forgot to take a picture] just cut your string, make sure you leave a little length. Dab a glue on the cord then wrap the extra length of string around the cord.

So here is my finish product. Hope you enjoy and will be a pleasure if you send me your finish products too. ^^



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