ALU LILA turned 3

I am unquestionably happy that we just turned 3 last June 17 of this year!

We weren’t able to go to Camotes Island as we hoped and planned but we were together on that day.

I was here in Ormoc when we celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We have been through ups and down in our relationship but we grew stronger each day, with a little faith and a lot of prayers.

We all get melodramatic when it comes to our relationship. We all get jealous and would over react to little things and results to fights and heartaches! But hey, we all experience that when we are in a relationship, right.

Anyhow, if you are asking what we did on our 3rd year together. We just went to their little city and do what pretty much girlfriends and boyfriends do.


On our way to the city. My hair is still wet. LOL!

Let start it of with watching movie. Even though we  have already seen World War Z , and the movie by the way was awesome!,  we watched it again since it was the only movie playing at the theater here. After that we went to their plaza. Where you can see different Filipino foods. You have there snacks and meal selections. We went there to eat at a place they would call “porkchopan” seeing that they only sell pork chops.

image (6)

This is their famous Pork chop. Indeed it was delectable. Not to salty and very tender. Easy to chew I must say. I would highly recommend this place when you come here. Very affordable too! The place may not be to your liking though. But still it was very appetizing.


Pork Chop with rice

After our dinner we went to Lorenzo’s Cafe & Grill to chill. LOL! There crew were hospitable, yes. But the service was not that good. They forgot my order and we were waiting there the whole time thinking they were just busy or something.


Red velvet cupcake

image (3)

Lorenzo’s Cafe & Grill

And this is us goofing around ^^

image (1) image (4) image (5) image (2)

After that we went home since it was already late. ❤



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