I have been an AVON Franchise Dealer for almost a year now. And I may say that it has been fun.

You get to learn new make up products and you get freebies too. I know some might say that you don’t earn much from being an Avon seller, but actually you do. Yes you need to buy the brochure, but hey! not everything in life is free right?. Being a seller means you have to think of strategy before going to that kind of business. It’s always better to start selling if you are working in a company that you know most of the people, or before getting into business make sure you know who to sell and how to sell it.

I got into Avon business not because I want to be a seller but because it was for personal use but then people started buying from me so that’s when I started selling. I give discounts to people who pay early in that way they’ll pay early (duh!) and would become a loyal customer. LOL. Also if there are problems with the products I would always return them and ask help from the other employee at the Avon shop. They are very helpful indeed. One time I purchased a broken watch from them but they didn’t hesitate to replace it with a new one and they never forgot to update me if there are any problems with the new watch I bought.

I use Avon products and there are other cosmetics that I like and I don’t like. So I would always my personal opinion to people who asks about this and that, I don’t lie because something bad might happen to their faces, lol. If I have something that they would like to try I would always let them try it so that if they like it then that would be good business for me.

If you are interested, from (Cebu) Philippines and would like  to be an Avon dealer too. Then don’t hesitate to email me ah_twig@yahoo.com and I would be very happy to assist you,




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