The best things in Life are free!

It all started when I wanted to have more followers in Instagram. I envy those instagrammers who has a lot of followers that would sometimes make me wonder how did they ended up with that much followers when in fact they only have few pictures in there account. So I would check each of their accounts and see how they do it, that’s when I realized they were using hash-tags to lure people, LOL.

So I started using hash-tags too, I got more likes in my pictures at the same time earning a few followers. But then eventually I grew tired of putting hash-tags so I researched again, BTW I’m good at researching stuff, LOL. That’s when I found out about people giving giveaways and asking them to follow them in return. Ding ding ding ding ding!!!! So I did that too and guess what?! I earned more followers too, form 100+ to 600+, awesome right?


My First Birthday Giveaway


My First Birthday Giveaway (edited)

I enjoyed doing giveaways that I did another giveaway, since I ordered two caviar nail polish and was not going to use it.

image (1)

My Second Giveaway

This was a Philippines only giveaway since the rates in shipping courier here locally is cheaper compared to international. Maybe I would do International kind of giveaway though, but not for now,

So since I knew about giveaways in Instagram that’s when I joined giveaways myself and won a few items from seller. This is kind of my thing now since I’m still unemployed. Maybe I’ll lay low when I get a job. Check out my other post for Items that I’ve won.



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