So as I said before, I started joining giveaways in Instagram. It has been really fun for me except the part that I would spam all day long.

So I joined this giveaway from Djourshop wherein you could win a Bandage skirt or a Skater skirt from them. All I had to do was post as many entries/pictures as I can for a great chance of winning the said item.

They have very fashionable bandage skirts and skater skirt and could sell them by wholesale.

photo (1)

Djourshop 2nd Giveaway

So after posting a lot of entries, and I mean a lot! I waited for the end of the promo which was on the 15th of August. The thought of the promo ending was very exhilarating, you don’t know who would win and at the same time you want to win so bad.

That was when I was busy posting other pictures when I had a notification from Djourshop that I won the item!



And then there’s me @ohyeahfree!!! They got the spelling wrong, but still, I am very happy! Blessed indeed!

And here’s my uber lovely AZTEC  bandage skirt!

Orange and Brown Aztec

Orange and Brown Aztec

The cloth is very soft and comfortable. It does not have that itchy type of cloth. I could say they are using good quality materials. So a thumbs up to this wonderful store!

Will definitely purchase from their store soon!


Do follow then on Instagram and don’t forget to like their page in Facebook!

And check them out in Myx Wer U At


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