one two THREE… I got a new pair of shoes

What you wear defines you 

-E3 Shop

I joined another giveaway in Instagram.

This was from a shop that sells brand new and preloved clothes in a very thrifty price.

They have everything form  blouses to dresses to sweaters and shoes.

They sell actually anything under the sun!^^


E3 Shop’s Giveaway

So as usual I re-posted this picture like a hundred times hoping to win this really cute doll shoes!

The day of judgement has come and she already wrote our names in a paper. And may I say, she has a really good handwriting.

photo (2)


Can you see me guys? LOL (@ohyeahfree)

Drum rolls please!

And the winner is…… ME!

photo (1)

Now ain’t this just the coolest thing ever!?

I had to like check it again and again. My smile was up to my ears. Wow! I won a pair of shoes!

And the seller is just the kindest, ever!

Do follow her in Instagram guys and don’t forget to like her Facebook page.


My new PARIS shoes



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