Better Late than NEVER!

Our monthsary was last August 17 and we weren’t able to go out or even had a date. We were busy here at home doing things that I totally forgot what.

Anyhow today we went to the City to have a date. First we had to do some errands then after we went to the mall trying to look for a dress. My boyfriend promised to buy me a dress. So after a few minutes of going around the department store I didn’t see anything that was worth buying. Well what did I expect, I was in a province that has only like two malls. So instead I looked for some leggings and found something really nice.

Leopard Leggings and Jeggings

Leopard Leggings and Jeggings

After our kind-of-a-shopping galore we were supposed to go to Ikea, a place we went the first time I came here to Ormoc, but the place was crowded so we looked for other restaurants to eat and hang while we wait for my boyfie’s lil’ bro, So as we strolled around Ormoc City, we remembered the cafe we went to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. So we went to Lorenzo’s Cafe and Grill.

Me and Alu (the boyfie)

Me and Alu (the boyfie)

image (2)

Green Salad

The salad is great but it was to sour maybe because of the vinaigrette. So as you can see it has tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and turnips.

photo (4)

Effin Sandwich

I totally forgot what this sandwich was called. All I could remember was thts it starts with a “F”. So this one is packed up with eggs, bacon, lettuce and some cucumbers. Delicious, I know!


Hungarian Sandwich

This one is the BOMB! It has Hungarian sausage and mozzarella cheese in it! Good for the meat-lover-kinda-person, like my boyfie. He loathes vegetables. I have to blackmail him sometimes just to eat veggies!

image (1)

Hazelnut Milk Tea

Thank goodness they have milk tea! I have been craving this for like months now. They don’t have that much cafe’s or store that sells these.


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