Okay so I have been following fashion bloggers. Most of them would be ladies of course and just recently followed two male fashion bloggers.

It’s really cool looking at guys with a sense of fashion, but not too much.

So I don’t know if you guys (my followers) know Joseph Cham. So he is like a model, designer, blogger and photographer. So he’s like the total package. And he is really good looking. And I myself tend to comment on their pictures in IG (all my fave bloggers) hoping that they would reply, a simple emoticon would really make my day, but nada! Not till Mr. Cham, he is very interactive with his followers which I really like. What’s the point of having a blog, a twitter, Instagram or whatever social media they have if they don’t interact with their followers , right?!

So I’m really happy that there are still popular/famous bloggers out their who has time on replying to some comments they get on their Instagram.

Happy follower here 😁😁😁


You could check his blog here


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