Chevron Bracelet

We all love making our very own bracelet. So today I will show you the basic before going to the next level.
I am going to make ever-si-famous “Chevron Bracelet” and some would call it “Arrow Bracelet”

Things you’ll need:
Embroidery floss

A pair of scissors
A board
A clip.


So let’s start!
You’ll need to choose a color you would like to make your bracelet. I chose black, brown, green and off white.

So we’re just using an eight string pattern here, so this would come put thin. If you want to make it thicker then you can choose more colors.
After choosing the colors you want, you need to fold the four colored string to make it an eight string bracelet. Then tie the part where you fold it into a knot.


Then place it on the board and secure the strings by placing a clip on the top. Then spread the strands and match up the colors making sure each side is a mirror image if the other side like this


Start with the left most part, get the first strand and make a forward knot (this looks like a number four) over the second strand and repeat.




Then after the said knot, with the first strand on hand, your going to make a forward knot with the third knot twice and so on until you reach the middle or fourth string then stop.
Move on to the right most part of the string. Get the first string and make a backward knot (this looks like an inverted four) over the second string, twice. Same instruction goes for the right side but you should use the backward knot on this side. When you reach the middle you are going to make a backward knot with the same color strand.





Then you’re just going the same process until you the desired length. So pretty much it would look like this




Once you reach the desired length, you are going to tie the end. Add a button or whatever you may have available for closure. Just choose any color to tie the button in place.



So there it is your very own Chevron Friendship bracelet. Stay tune for my next tutorial. We’ll be making a more difficult pattern. And how to embellish your bracelets. 😉


You can check my video tutorial here! This is my very first video tutorial so please bear with me. LOL


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