Charbroiled Burger for Dinner

“The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger”
Chris O’Brien

You got that right! We all crave for that warm, fragrant and juicy burger. And this called craving should be satisfied. So we tried Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burger. They just recently opened and would love to try their “charbroiled” burgers.

We went there last night and it was satisfying. They have a few burgers to choose from but still missing some all
-time-favorite side dishes. It’s lucid since they are still on their soft opening.

I was only able to photographed one menu wall, I forgot the other wall which has other kinds of food that they serve. I guess I was to confuse on what to order.


I got the Jalapeño Cheeseburger Deluxe and added some bacons. Bacons are a must! But I had to go for the 4 oz. quarter pound since the 6 oz. is already too much for me. It was spicy yet bearable, expecting it to be more stingy though. It would be nice if there were more fries, LOL. I love side dishes. I do hope they would add onion rings on their menu soon.

This is how it’s done! I maybe a lady but I eat like a boss!


Will be going back there and hopefully they would add more selections on their side dishes and drinks.


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