Earthquake Trauma

I woke up yesterday (10/15/13) from the shaking and yelling of my mom at around 8:12 in the morning. I really was shocked and saw everything moving and my things falling down the floor, shattering. I covered myself with my blanket. Shocked and did not know what to do. Then my mom’s non-stop yelling was all I could hear, “Angela!, get out of the house this instant!!”. So I ran as fast as I could downstairs with just a muscle shirt and knickers on. It sounds embarrassing but I was too scared to think about what I was wearing. When I went down the stairs I saw my sister trying to hold down the cupboard and told her what she was doing, why haven’t she went out yet. That’s when she snapped back to reality and grabbed me. We went out together and there I saw all of our neighbors outside. It was really scary and so are the aftershocks we’ve felt till now.

My sister told me the reason why she was standing there was because she’s scared the cupboard might fell on top of her and the cleaning we’d have to do if ever the cupboard will fall. I was like what? You still thought about the cleaning when we were all scared for our lives. Lol!

We stayed outside for a while since we felt some strong aftershocks. As what I’ve read, we have already felt 400+ aftershocks and I guess more to come.

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake originated in Bohol affected our city. The sad part is that there are still aftershocks till now and the earthquake happened yesterday.
Few establishments were destroyed here in the city and also in Bohol. And the death toll rises to 107 this day. 😦

Here are some pictures..
Basilica Minore del Santo Niño
The bell tower of the church collapsed and was heavily damaged..

Gaisano Country Mall
Their stairs was destroyed.

Cebu Doctor’s University
Some of the parts of the building fell and smashed one of their buses.

Cebu Budget Builders

Damaged cars lie under a rubble outside the GMC Plaza Building

Ayala Center Cebu


And here’s a picture of our firewall tht cracked and my messy room



Just felt another strong aftershock while posting this. 😦


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