You’re my DADDY!!!

It’s food on the go. The “Big Daddy Truck” is now on the streets of Cebu. Ready to feed your hungry stomachs!

This American-ish concept is from the awesome kitchen of Creative Cuisine Gourmet Group which is owned and managed by a team of siblings who are what we call “culinary experts”. They also own big businesses like Big Mao (a personal fave of mine), Chika-an and Kaffee Alde.

The truck was located at IT Park Lahug before but was now parked right beside Chika-an Lahug. It’s not that hard to find, since it’s a big YELLOW truck.

The boyfie and I was very curious of the taste, we are such food lovers, but were tight on the budget so we just ordered a few. We went on the passenger entrance thingy and the staff took our orders with a big smile. We ordered BigDaddy Burger (130php), BigDaddy Fries (70php) and Root beer (70php).


We both waited for our order while they were very busy grilling and frying some orders coming their way.
While waiting, sadly, it started to rain. They didn’t have any big umbrellas or tents for the customer so we had to have it to go. Boohoo…

So I just took some photos in the car. Sorry for the uber ugly pic guys.





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