Get styLIZed!

I am not really the type of person that would wait in line for stuff and even for book signing, but for this one I could never say no.

So Liz Uy,  a Filipina celebrity stylist and fashion editor-at-large, just published a style guide for us fashionistas and is having a book signing. 


So in this she teaches us how to build our very own wardrobe with just ten style essentials. And each clothes are being modeled by celebrity clients. It is a must have!


This was held at The Gallery, Ayala Center Cebu

People are still waiting to get seated on those empty chairs and get up close with Liz.

There she is in her white get up (LOL) with a host that I am not familiar with actually.1969211_10202671906656257_603233715_n 10171072_10202671907936289_1235265900_nThat’d be me and my friends and bf, waiting for our turn to get signed! yeah!

10156175_10202671905496228_860702044_n 10173758_10202895112956275_3008538066456072849_n 1148766_10202671905776235_649020430_n

Happy me 😀


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