A day in CRIMSON

All of my friends in Facebook are posting their summer vacay and all. So I started mine by being absent at work. LOL. Okay, so the Aunt of my bf’s brother in law treat us with a one night stay at Crimson Resort and Spa in Mactan. Now, who would say no to that?! So after my shift, me and the boyfie went straight to Crimson where everyone was waiting.


Get styLIZed!

I am not really the type of person that would wait in line for stuff and even for book signing, but for this one I could never say no. So Liz Uy,  a Filipina celebrity stylist and fashion editor-at-large, just published a style … Continue reading

Power Planner

Everyone has their own kind of planner. Do you have your own? When I was still in High School, I love to plan ahead. I like writing down notes, events and anything that would come up to mind. Crazy ideas … Continue reading

How to make Puto Cheese

I am not much of a baker but if there’s something that I like, I can’t sleep well till I know how to make it. So today I am making me a Puto Cheese. A famous filipino delicacy. Here’s what … Continue reading

Florality of my Nails

I was totally jealous of the floral nails I see online. Sadly I still don’t have the materials they have. So I just used toothpick to make swirls for the flower. I erased the blank nails and painted it with … Continue reading

You’re my DADDY!!!

It’s food on the go. The “Big Daddy Truck” is now on the streets of Cebu. Ready to feed your hungry stomachs! This American-ish concept is from the awesome kitchen of Creative Cuisine Gourmet Group which is owned and managed … Continue reading

Pill Thrill

I started taking pills when I was in college. This was to regulate my menstrual cycle. Since my period then was like crazy long. I stopped taking it when I started working. My cycle then was back to normal. Now … Continue reading

Leopard Ombre Nails

So a friend of mine tagged me in a photo (which you can see below) from Instagram. Here’s my version. Hope you like it.


I haven’t been writing because of the calamities that had hit my area here in the Philippines. First was the earthquake that shook us Filipinos.Then just recently the typhoon Haiyan, which we call typhoon Yolanda here, hit the central part of the Philippines. I am just relieved that my place, Cebu, was not as bad as what has happened to my brothers and sisters there in Leyte and the northern part of Cebu.


I, we, will be forever grateful of all the help the other countries have done to our country. At this time of crisis I have witness the weakness of our government. All I have seen and heard was corruption and lack strategy. I was really thankful that Anderson Cooper was able to report what has happened in Tacloban and have told people about what he has seen. I have seen a lot of politicians politicking the relief goods that was given by other countries.


I am devastated as to what has happened to our country because of the calamity, but I am more grief-stricken to what has happened to our government….