Chevron Bracelet

We all love making our very own bracelet. So today I will show you the basic before going to the next level. I am going to make ever-si-famous “Chevron Bracelet” and some would call it “Arrow Bracelet” Things you’ll need: … Continue reading

Got a Thing for Bling

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Since I’m pretty much unemployed and have been staying home a lot. So i started making bracelets again. Very easy to make and as usual you can see a lot of tutorials in yahoo. And if you could still remember … Continue reading

WRAP ME UP baby!

I saw this in tumblr and I really loved it. Since the USB cord for my iPhone is really dirty, so why not wrap it instead of cleaning it everyday. You would need: Cord/Earphones or anything you want to wrap … Continue reading

Neon-Chained Bracelets

Neon colored things has been very popular nowadays. Specially with accessories. And if you have a lot of em’ in one arm you call it arm candy. Maybe because it looks like candies on your arm. LOL Like this. Now … Continue reading


History Nail polish was used in the ancient world. In China it started off being made from a combination of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes, and gum arabic. The Chinese would dip their hands in an oil for several … Continue reading

OMBRE me some more!

Ombre has became a popular word and has been the latest trend in fashion. You can see them from clothes to hair to nails and even to food. I’ve tried them all except for the food part though, not much … Continue reading