A day in CRIMSON

All of my friends in Facebook are posting their summer vacay and all. So I started mine by being absent at work. LOL. Okay, so the Aunt of my bf’s brother in law treat us with a one night stay at Crimson Resort and Spa in Mactan. Now, who would say no to that?! So after my shift, me and the boyfie went straight to Crimson where everyone was waiting.


Let’s go aztec


I got bored and was inspired of my phone’s case, I guess….

Think Piece

What is Love? We all ask the same question and answered it many different ways. Have we ever fallen in love or have we ever been loved the way we love another person. Even if you are in a relationship right now you would still think is this love or just some infatuation. But we will never know unless we really think about it. We heard a lot of stories about people falling so deeply in love, get married and then file for divorce just because of irreconcilable differences.  Why get married or even be in a relationship when you will just say we have an irreconcilable difference”? Duh!

How to stay long in a relationship? I’m actually in a relationship right now and I’m happy to say that I am contented and happy. We may have an ebb and flow in our relationship but that doesn’t mean that I would give up just like that. I would really agree that “fights add spice to a relationship” because it would be boring (for me) if there were no little fights right. Then there wouldn’t be the so called “make-up sex” LOL! Don’t ever follow a certain “relationship trend” that is happening around you. Just because all of your friends are breaking up with their partners mean you’re going to break up with yours too. I’ve had friends like that before. She would keep on thinking about the negatives she had been experiencing with her partner when they’re actually doing good. If you really love that person then why think about the bad stuff.

Why cheat? Yes! Why? It’s because they want the excitement or their partners are jus plain boring. But why do you have to cheat? Why not break up with your partner in the first place, that’ll save you from all the dramas. One of my students told me that he cheats because he was in a relationship; it was like an opportunity for him. Whenever he has a girlfriend a lot of girls would call him and would go out would him but when he is single they just all disappeared. I laughed, really, coz it was weird and well may be true. Then again, just don’t cheat, it’s stupid.

I know what I’m saying right now doesn’t make any sense, but hey this is a free country right? We can say whatever we want whenever we want. And I just want to write down what’s on my head right now. LOL.


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SUNDAY ALTERNATIVE by alulila featuring a cuff bracelet


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