Florality of my Nails

I was totally jealous of the floral nails I see online. Sadly I still don’t have the materials they have. So I just used toothpick to make swirls for the flower. I erased the blank nails and painted it with … Continue reading

Leopard Ombre Nails

So a friend of mine tagged me in a photo (which you can see below) from Instagram. Here’s my version. Hope you like it.


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The best things in Life are free! It all started when I wanted to have more followers in Instagram. I envy those instagrammers who has a lot of followers that would sometimes make me wonder how did they ended up … Continue reading


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Well I was bored so the first week I had some leopard Nails. I used White polish as my base as you can see in the picture. I put dots using brown polish and drew black frames around the brown … Continue reading


History Nail polish was used in the ancient world. In China it started off being made from a combination of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes, and gum arabic. The Chinese would dip their hands in an oil for several … Continue reading