I haven’t been writing because of the calamities that had hit my area here in the Philippines. First was the earthquake that shook us Filipinos.Then just recently the typhoon Haiyan, which we call typhoon Yolanda here, hit the central part of the Philippines. I am just relieved that my place, Cebu, was not as bad as what has happened to my brothers and sisters there in Leyte and the northern part of Cebu.


I, we, will be forever grateful of all the help the other countries have done to our country. At this time of crisis I have witness the weakness of our government. All I have seen and heard was corruption and lack strategy. I was really thankful that Anderson Cooper was able to report what has happened in Tacloban and have told people about what he has seen. I have seen a lot of politicians politicking the relief goods that was given by other countries.


I am devastated as to what has happened to our country because of the calamity, but I am more grief-stricken to what has happened to our government….



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On our way to Tacloban City Airport to fetch my boyfriend’s dad, they toured me to McArthur Park (Leyte Landing Memorial) This is us goofing around at the back seat. That is my boyfriend (Alu), above him is his little brother (J.E.) … Continue reading